Buffet Menus


795 kr

Fresh Lobster
Prawns in horseradish mayonnaise
Whole prawns with lemon wedges
Smeked prawns with pickled onions
Moule mariniéres
Garlic octopus with parsley
Cured salmon with beets
Egg- and anchovy salad
Bleak roe from Kalix with smetana
Salad with radishes and lemon
Asparagus and aged cheese salad
Cheese pie with roe sauce
Mayonnaise, Aioli, Rhode island dressing
Bread and “Västerbotten” cheese

> Add 3 oysters 95 kr <


445 kr

Marinated flank steak
Prosciutto crudo
Fennel salami
Prawn salad with asparagus and fennel
Smoked salmon with dill mayonnaise
Creamy potato salad
Roasted tomato and mozzarella salad
Beetroots with chevré and honey
Red cabbage slaw
Herb smetana
Cheese platter with crackers
Sourdough bread with butter and cream cheese


425 kr

Carved sirloin steak with chili rub
Carved rump of lamb with ramson pesto
Chipotle chicken skewers
Grilled salsiccia
Corn on the cob with herb butter
Potato gratin with roasted garlic
Potato salad with vinaigrette
Baked garlic mushrooms
Red cabbage slaw
Grilled vegetables with roasted peppers
Bearnaise, BBQ-sauce, Aioli, Tzatziki
A variety of green salads
Sourdough bread with butter and cream cheese


395 kr

Gin and cucumber herring
Dill and mustard herring
Pickled herring
Apple and curry herring
Pickled fried herring
New potatoes
Egg halves with bleak roe and pickled onions
Charmy meatballs with creamed jus
Pickled salmon with dill mayonnaise
Akvavit cured salmon with mustard sauce
Swedish sausages
Cheese pie with roe sauce
Pickled cucumber, horseradish, mustard, pickled beets
Red onion, sour-cream, chives, lingonberries, salads
Crispbread, sourdough bread, butter and cream cheese


355 kr

Italian charcuteries; Parma ham, bresaola,
mortadella, coppa di Parma, salamis
Vitello tonnato
Deep fried squid with aioli
Pasta with artichokes and anchovy
Roasted tomatoes with burrata and basil
Green beans and balsamico dressing
Romaine salad with parmesan
Marinated olives
Italian cheeses and bread


365 kr

Medium sirloin steak with chipotle rub
Pulled beef with chipotle
Quesadillas with chicken and bacon
Small tortillas
Patatas bravas
Salsa verde
Salsa roja
Green leaf salad with pickled red onion
Grilled corn on the cob with chili butter

Samtliga priser är exklusive moms. Med reservation för eventuella förändringar. Menyerna är uppdaterade i februari 2017.

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