Charter a ship in the archipelago of Stockholm

Boats for charter in the archipelago of Stockholm.

Boats with charm. Two gentlemans yachts. There is plenty of room for having guests for dinner of conference in or spacious teak filled salons. Both ships have fantastic sun decks with room for all aboard.

A good place to start with a welcome drinks if the weather is good. Both ships have music sets and offer opportunity for dancing. M/S Blue Charm also has a digital grand piano in the big salon. All food is cooked in board by our chefs. Please come aboard for a tour. Both ships are in the central of Stockholm. What ship fit your needs best?

Ship M/S Blue Charm - Fartyget M/S Blue Charm

Name M/S Blue Charm
Year 1955
Remake 1982, 1995 and 2010
Length 120 fot (39,2 meter)
Width 6,7 meter
Depth 3,2 meter
Cabins 6 for crew
Engines 2 Volvo TAMD 120, total 656 hp
Elverk 1 Volvo MD 70 BK, 58
El 380, 220 and 24 Volts
Fuel 7 000 liter diesel
Water 6 000 liter
Max speed 12 knots



“Prinsen” was the name she had when she left the dock 1955 in norway. From then til 1978 she was in traffic in the norwegian fjords carrying 250 passengers. In 1980 she was bought by “Sommar och sol AB” and taken to Stockholm. After major renovations she was named “Rex solaris” and started charter rental in Stockholm archipelago.

In 1955 “Linblad Special expedition” bought her and named her “Swedish islander”. She was renovated for a whole lot of money to become a floating luxury platform for american tourists. After 9/11 the amount of american tourist visiting Sweden declined and the company later sold her to another company. In 2010 Charm Charter bought her and named her M/S Blue Charm.

Ship M/Y Charm - Fartyget M/Y Charm

Name M/Y Charm
Model Sea Ranger 65
Year 1989
Lenght 65 foot (20 meter)
Width 5.7 meter
Depth 1,7 meter
Cabins 4, 8 beds + crew
Engines Detroit Diesel V8 735hp
Elverk 2 st Onan GenSet
El 230 volt + 12 volt
Fuel 8 000 liter diesel
Water 2 500 liter
Max speed 14 knots



M/Y Charm was built in Taiwan in 1989. The model is called Sea Ranger 65 and there is at least another three Sea rangers in smaller sizes in Sweden. M/Y Charm is the boats original name and was built for personal use. For a very short while she was in Athens before beeing sold and taken to Stockholm. The trip took a whole month. After arriving to Stockholm it took another year to get all the correct certifications and several renovations. Today M/Y Charm is one of the most exclusive charter boat in Stockholm.

R.I.B Hugin & Munin - ritning RIB C-30

Name R.I.B. Hugin & Munin
Design RIB Category B, Offshore
Lenght  9 meter
Width 2,85 meter
Dry weight 1,8 tons
Engines 2 x 300 hp Mercury Verado
Max speed Over 50 knots
Fuel 2 x 220 liter
Personell 1 captain and 1 navigator.
Passengers 12 guests per RIB.


Please use our Ribs as an activity when renting one of our other ships. We can put the guests in separate groups so that everybody can go on the RIB boat for 15 minutes. Maybe seal safari in the outer archipelago or sight seeing around Stockholm. We offer many choices.

Safety first!

Our captains have long experience and high nautical expertise and all have great knowledge of the beautiful archipelago and nature of Stockholm. The ships are equipped to meet the rules of the Swedish board of Transport and are certified for 48 vs 120 guests. The Rederiet and boats are ISM (International Safety Management) certified by the Board of Transport.

The boats are equipped with fire alarms and high pressure sprinkler systems. The crew receives regular training for emergency situations. The company has an insurance policy for passangers and third parties with a maximum payout of 50 million USD.

We are members of SWEREF – Skärgårdsredarna.